28 Sep
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Your Will be Done


This morning I asked Jesus to establish the work of my hands, specifically this work selling goods online, mining this rich land for the benefit of the His brethren in poorer countries.

Especially those who are hungry and in need of food, who are strangers, who are naked and in need of clothing, who are sick and in prison and are in need of visitors. I asked the Lord to make the following things the desire of my heart.

– That the orphans in Africa would have food and love in Christ’s name.
– That the persecuted brethren in prison would be supported, that they would know they are not alone.
– That poor villages would have wells drilled, that they might have both clean water and living water in the name of Jesus.

The Lord immediately confirmed my request by graciously providing Matthew 25:31-40. The Holy Spirit chose to speak the very passages that were heavily on my heart as I was praying.

So, what do you think?