The Dilapidated Garage: Today’s Glorious Mission

Our garage, if you want to call it that, is in need of a lot of work.  Paint, a new roof, new doors, and now we’ve discovered it needs either a completely new foundation, or lots of reinforcement to the current foundation.   In short, it’s a mess.

Ever since my poor husband realized the foundation needed extensive work, he has spent hours poking the wood, walking around it, thinking, then poking again, walking, standing, talking about it, thinking about it, then inside on the computer looking up possible solutions, then back outside poking and thinking, etc.

He concluded that he would have to dig deeply around the entire thing to work on the foundation, but his time is so limited.  It will soon be cold and he goes to work everyday so he can only dedicate precious few hours to it each week.  These things are of great concern to him.

Yesterday, while he was poking and thinking, I kept asking him if I could be of any help and he finally directed me to the children, “if you could help Beks practice riding her bike, that would be wonderful.  I had to tell her I couldn’t help her because I had to work on this”.  I asked him if I ought to dig around the garage the next day while he was busy at work, and both he and I quickly brushed the thought away because I have many responsibilities of my own.

Earlier in the week I prayed that the Lord would give me something I could do that would really show my love to my husband.  Yesterday I prayed about the garage; that my husband would have peace about it.  This morning during my devotions, I asked Jesus to speak to me; I asked the Lord to lead me today.

So when I stumbled onto Luke 6:48 this morning, “He is like a man building a house, who dug down deep and laid a foundation on rock…” The words, “dug down deep” really hit home (or the garage) and I didn’t think it too far fetched to consider that the Lord was calling me to dig deeply around the foundation of our garage today.

So, there is today’s testimony about God’s amazing faithfulness in answering prayer.   I love God’s little surprises; I would have never, ever, guessed that I was going to spend today shoveling dirt because I happened to read Luke 6:48.

Yet, here I am, that’s just what God called me to for today.  I am thankful to look out my window and not only see a dilapidated garage, but also a glorious mission, full of His purpose and His presence.  I’ll let you know how it goes…


I was able to do some focused digging at various intervals throughout the day because the Lord graciously made it possible (I’m slowly learning I don’t have to be anxious about my other responsibilities when the Lord directs, because He always works it out one way or the other).  I had cookie making duty for my son’s soccer team which my 14-yr-old daughter gladly took on for me.   She had her headphones on and was joyfully be-bopping in the kitchen for hours, baking up a mean quadruple batch of chocolate chip cookies.

My husband got home in the evening and said, “Do my eyes deceive me, or do I see some digging has been done?”  Since I wasn’t totally sure that was exactly what he wanted, I was so pleased that he was happily surprised when he saw it.  Thank you Lord!

So, what do you think?