4 Jan

Caution: Excessive Prayer May Lead to Increased Evangelism Activity

Praying too much can get messy.  Even in cases when the believer is initially opposed to the idea of sharing the gospel, when consistent prayer continues, the believer’s desire starts to change.   The resolution to pray more might have started out with the sole desire to simply have special quiet times with God.  But the more time spent in quality prayer, the harder it becomes for the believer to stay in control of his own plans.

This is because God loves the world so much that as the believer devotes meaningful time with Him, God fills him with His love, just as the believer requested.   But then it keeps going.  God keeps filling and filling until it starts spilling and spilling, and then it completely messes up the believer’s carefully controlled environment. 

Before he knows it, he ends up caring so deeply for the souls around him that he’s watching for opportunity to share the gospel even with strangers, and he’s perfectly fine with rejection on a daily basis, and his world is never again the same.  This believer is willing to be routinely rejected in order to find one person ripe for the harvest; because love so compels him to each one, for God is not willing that any should perish.  

He lives a life filled with joy, thanksgiving, and awe.  Because God is with Him, he is fearless and his hope is constant.  This fellow’s love for others runs deep and compels him to gospel driven conversation and purposeful living.  He can’t help himself, it is out of his control, for day after day, and throughout the day, he continues to kneel before the throne room of Almighty God, listening and obeying the One who died not only for him, but for all who might hear and believe.   

This is what can result from too much prayer.

So, what do you think?