5 Aug

The Virtue of Faith, “I Believe, Help my Unbelief”

Swallowtail“…the father of the child cried out, and said with tears, Lord, I believe; help my unbelief.”  Mark 9:24

“…the wind blows where it will, and you hear the sound of it, but cannot tell from where it comes, and where it goes; so is everyone that is born of the spirit.”  John 3:8

A little while ago the Lord brought it to my mind that faith is a virtue, and as such it is a part of His goodness, His Character.  We cannot know Him unless we also know faith.  “But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him”  Heb 11:6.

Faith is beautiful.  This is why so often the things of God are hidden, because with His cover of mystery He draws this beautiful virtue out of us; hidden things require faith.  Being all beauty and all good, He can do no less.  And faith is beautiful.

I wrote down the above verses to memorize and the Lord used this effort the very next day on two separate occasions.  My little 8-year-old confessed to me today that she wondered if God was real at all.  And that if He was not real, then our family must be “really weird”.  I knew she was struggling because over the last few months what once gave her joy now was dull, she has been uninterested in the things of God.  I was praying for her daily, that the Spirit would stir in her soul, and today I saw the fruit of those prayers.  I was so thankful for her confession and held her tight, reassuring her that I was pleased with her honesty.

And the Lord not only used those verses above for my little girl, He also intended them for Crystal, the Hardings worker I met in the parking lot today.  I was picking up some groceries for dinner and I was praying for open eyes and a ready heart, to speak to someone there about the things of God, as He permitted.  After introducing myself and inviting her to church, I asked Crystal if she had any questions about God.  Providentially, she told me that lately she was thinking heavily about such things and that she just really didn’t know if He existed or not.  I asked her what her church background was and she said she didn’t have one, but perhaps she should start there.  I asked her if she had a bible at home and she said she did, but that she didn’t read it.  I told her to start there, in the Gospel of John.

The Lord had prepared me the day before for both the conversation with my daughter, and the conversation with Crystal, my new friend from Hardings.  On the same day, the Lord used Mark 9:24, “Lord, help my unbelief”, as the call-to-action for faith that is wanting.  I explained to both Crystal and to my little girl what the Lord had just spoken to my heart the day before, about faith being a beautiful virtue.  “And these three remain, faith, hope and love.”  Faith is essential to knowing God because it is good, and God is all good.  Or, put another way, because faith is a virtue and as such it is good, so God would be less good if He could be known without faith.


Lately I have had to reduce the amount of time my daughter has been reading her Bible, she has been doing it so frequently other things are getting neglected, and I have been praising God for her new found zeal.  Faith is lovely.  It is the hope for things unseen, the beautiful life-giving things, the things of eternity.  Faith is essential.  Desire it. Long after it like a hungry man longs after food.  Then ask and you shall receive.

So how does one acquire faith when it seems so out of reach?  Ask.  All things are possible with God and He graciously gives us our desires.  If we do not desire God, He stays away.  If we do desire God, He provides.  But we must desire Him, and as already stated, faith is good, God is good, so faith is essential to knowing Him.  We can not ask Him to prove Himself so that we would have faith.  That is not faith in the least; it is cheap and quick and of the flesh and knows nothing of God.  We must really desire God, and so really desire faith, not the proud and loud ‘proof’.  It is so simple, yet many will never understand it.

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