Coffeehouse Chats / Prayer

{then your light will rise in the darkness} 

Coffeehouse2One to One Bible Chats

Ever had big questions without answers?  Do you feel insignificant?  Your Maker has the answers in His Word, and He is waiting to answer you personally.  If there’s something I’m excited about, its introducing others to God’s special, constant, and personal love.

Perhaps you’re in Kazoo; maybe I handed you a packet of info and a Gospel of John.  No matter wCoffee Priceshat your beliefs or background, I’d be delighted to get together at a coffeehouse to talk about faith.  (I call these special appointments “One to One Bible Chats”).  I do this for God, because He loves YOU.   Just type ‘coffeehouse chat’ in the subject line of this form and I’ll email you back about logistics.

PrayerPrayer Requests

And if you’d just like prayer, let me know!  It would be my delight to lift your burden up to the Throne of Mercy on three separate occasions within three days.   I mention these concrete numbers because I want you to have assurance that I am committed to my word, as God graciously permits.

Please be sure to be praying for humility of heart and eyes of faith so that you can see clearly when God has answered.  Often our prayers are answered but we are so distracted by the physical world we do see God’s hand on our lives.  Consider also that you will have opportunity to do a great kindness by contacting me again once the Lord has answered; I would be greatly encouraged to hear what the Lord has done.  I look forward to rejoicing with you!

Like every breath is to the body, prayer is to the spirit.  “…Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit” Eph 6:18a