4 Jan
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May The Lord Answer You in the Day of Trouble

20140104-100644.jpgYesterday was a very difficult day because I found out things I didn’t want to find out. Things so difficult I am quite sure there is an unseen battle in the spiritual realm which cannot be ignored. The enemy is advancing.

But he has threatened us before, a few years ago, but we trusted in The Lord by prayer and time of fasting from delicacies ( God specifically called for a Daniel fast), and He heard our cry and completely answered our petition, and there has been peace and level thinking in that situation since.

So I know what is in order for this new difficulty. This morning I prayed about gaining strength for today and then starting a Daniel fast tomorrow. My prayer was one heavy with praise because He so thoroughly and miraculously answered my petition during that difficult time in the past. I know the solution to the current problem is to trust in The Lord to fulfill my next petition because I realize I am not fighting against something that is seen, but something that lurks in the shadows; a rational evil who seeks to bind and devour which cannot be fought with my hands or my own ability.

20140104-100947.jpgThen I prayed for God to guide my reading in His Scriptures and He immediately and powerfully answered. He confirmed and encouraged my desire to once again engage in a Daniel fast because the Scripture He provided was Psalm 20. This Psalm was such an appropriate and perfect response to to my prayer that it seemed The Lord was in the room, speaking directly to me.

With the confirming movement of the Holy Spirit speaking through Psalm 20, I know now, before the time it occurs, that if I seek The Lord in this thing, and if I trust in His ability, the enemy will retreat, my petition will be heard, and the Lord’s plan, which is always good, will be accomplished. Wow. You floor me, Jesus.

So, what do you think?