Lord, Make Me Rich

“But those who desire to be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and harmful lusts which drown men in destruction and perdition.” 1 Tim 6:9

What does ‘desire’ mean here?   The transliteration for this Greek word is ‘boulomai’ and can be described as:

1) to will deliberately, have a purpose, be minded     2) of willing as an affection, to desire

Heavenly Father, lead me not into temptation.  Keep me from riches, keep me from any possibility of living ‘comfortably’ without depending on You for my provision.  I confess I am weak and prone to straying from your good way.  I long to be closer to you, that my every thought and desire would be about the work of Your kingdom and Your purposes.  Deliver me from evil, from anything that would compete with my affection for You, from anything that would cloud my sight of the path you have chosen for me.  

bread from heavenJesus, give me this day, my daily bread.  As you fed the children of Isreal in the desert their daily manna from heaven, might I also gather only for this day, for if I store more it will surely rot.  Give me the blessing of waiting on you for my provision.  I greatly desire the experience of praising your hallowed name for answering my prayers, and knowing I can trust in You for tomorrow.  I want You to be my Storehouse and my Strong Fortress, my Bread and my Cup.  May I gain the peace that comes with contentment and trust. 

Holy Spirit, I humbly request you would work mightily in me, that I would follow after righteousness and godliness, seeking first the Kingdom of God.   Make me rich in faith and patience and good works, like the first believers who fought the good fight of faith in the firey trials, looking always ahead toward the substance of things hoped for, seeing clearly the evidence of things unseen.  Amen.

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