20 Jul

Praising God for Hornworms!

Today we’re praising God for Hornworms. We were done with our swimming lessons at the YMCA and walking to our car when we spotted a very little organic garden near the parking lot.   I often pray for opportunities to teach the children how to see God’s goodness in our everyday life and little patches of nature have yet to disappoint me as a great resource toward that end.

Today was no exception because we found a hornworm on one of the sunflower plants, diligently doing what God made it to do; eating everything in sight!  I was quite sure those who tended to the garden wouldn’t mind a bit if we kidnapped their hornworm since these guys are a gardener’s worst nightmare, so we found an old container in the car and off we went with our captive.  Each amazing feature has been lovingly observed by my children, including its blackberry shaped poops, and I have had the glorious privilege to praise God along with my children at each discovery.

Our next door neighbor, a 46 year-old woman who loves kids and critters, also delights in praising the Lord over the little things in life and the girls have learned that showing her their critters thoroughly adds to the fun because you never know what this she might do.  This time she excitedly plucked the 3 inch creepy crawly off the stem and let it crawl up her arm.  Ew!

So, what do you think?