2 Sep

Following Christ By Fulfilling Unspoken Promises

I have always marveled at my husband’s ability to let his ‘yes’ be ‘yes’ and his ‘no’ be ‘no’.   When the particular situation would tempt anyone else to promise he will do this or that, my husband seems to always choose, instead, silence, and then resolves in his mind that he will do this or that and when he will do it.  Watching him over the years, and seeing the fruit that comes by following Christ in this way, has helped to convict me to do likewise.

The backyard playground has always had a large beam of wood at the top of the ladder, requiring the children to duck under it when they reach the top.  Sometimes that necessary step is forgotten and a child will get a head bonk, the poor dears.  The other day, while my husband was standing by, my little 5-yr-old climbed to the top of the ladder and, forgetting about the beam, knocked her noggin on it.  She then worked very hard at holding back tears, and, though she rarely complains, being especially exasperated she asserted, “I hate that thing!”

I can see myself in this situation, telling my hurt little girl that we will surely get that awful beam cut off so it doesn’t happen again.  Not my husband.  He simply consoled her.  Though he knew he was just about to fix the problem, he still said nothing, keeping the principle of Matthew 5:33-37 in his heart.  After some love from her daddy, she was once again a happy little girl and ran to play in the house.  My husband set to work right away, getting out his circular saw and extension cords.

Awhile later, my little girl was on her way outside to play but stopped in sudden disbelief when she saw that the beam had disappeared.  She gasped audibly, and with love & gratitude in her shaky voice she quietly cried, “Oh Daddy….”.

This whole scene made me think of our Lord, right down to the carpenter cutting the wood.  Moved with compassion, Christ would have consoled the child, then, without empty words, the Great Carpenter would have cut the wood, performing the deed out of abundant love and concern for the child’s little need.

What an example our Heavenly Father sets for us.  The King of Heaven, having never uttered one vain word, continues to perform mighty deeds of compassion, even tending to the littlest of needs.  Certainly, the wise realize it is best to hold the tongue, thereby avoiding any possibility to sin by producing empty words, for there is very little we control, we “cannot make even one hair white or black.” Matthew 5:36b


So, what do you think?