14 May
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A Faithful Witness; Costly Gold

“…Antipas was my faithful martyr, who was slain among you” Rev. 2:13.   This word, ‘martyr’ is Strong’s G 3144 and is used 34 times in the New Testament.  It’s original meaning was simply ‘a witness’.  The KJV translates this word into ‘martyr’ twice, in Acts 22:20 referring to Stephen, and in Revelation 2:13 referring to Antipas.  A more literal translation would be “…Antipas was my faithful witness, who was slain among you”.

Witness.  Martyr.  I’d rather be a witness than a martyr, yet Scripture does not distinguish between the two.  They are one in the same.  Witnessing was not a light decision in New Testament times; the activity was dangerous and the cost had to be counted.  Yet Jesus counsels them (and us) to buy from Him “gold tried in the fire” because to him who overcomes Christ Himself will give ‘hidden manna’ and ‘a white stone’ with a new name written on it.  This is desirable, precious, rare and perfect gold.  So rare and precious, in fact, that it has never been physically handled.

FruitBut how does one go about purchasing this gold from Christ?  There is much to consider when we are counseled to buy something.  First we must decide if we really want it.  It is recommended to us as something that will benefit us, but do we trust the Counselor?

Before purchasing an investment, we look over the creditials of the broker recommending the investment.  Has he demonstrated that this investment is worthy of our purchase, has He demonstrated that He is worthy of our consideration?

Once we have determined this then we start to desire this thing we intend to buy, we desire it so much, in fact, that we are willing to give up something else in order to attain this other thing we desire.  We go without in order to afford the thing we desire, believing it will bring us a solid future investment.  So how do we purchase this gold from Christ?

1. We trust the Counselor that it is a worthy investment.  Have faith…

2. We desire the gold He offers.  Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desire of your heart.

3. We set aside other things in order to afford this one thing.  Count the cost and carry our cross.

4. We ask Him for it.  Ask and you will receive.

Finally, we ask Him for it.  The final step to purchasing something is the actual transaction.  We must let Him know what it is we desire to buy, and He will give us the desire of our hearts; this heavenly gold we have set our heart on.  He gives us good things, bread and not a stone, fish, not a serpent.  This is good gold, though costly.   We ask carefully, with calculation.  We have already counted the cost, we understand what it is we are asking.

In Matthew 20:20-23, a woman asked our Lord if her sons might sit at His side in heaven, Jesus told her she did not know what it was that she asked; had she really counted the cost?  She was asking for heavenly gold; that costly gold.  Yes, she understood; it would cost her sons extreme tribulation.  We must be caculated when we ask the Lord of such things.  We seek gold.  Careful, Christian, ask only when you are ready.  Lord, might I be worthy of less of me, more of you.  Might I be counted worthy of tribulation for your Name’s sake.

So, what do you think?