12 Nov
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Earthquakes of worry

light from the word of GodTwo days ago, on Sunday during church, my mind drifted from the sermon to reading little portions of Scripture. I desired to read something from the word of God about a woman, I wanted to relate to the Scriptures as a woman.

The very next place my eyes drifted too, was the account of Mary and Martha serving Jesus. I knew God had something special for me personally as I was reading. I ended up reading what Jesus says to Martha over and over, because it seemed the Holy Spirit was speaking these words directly to me, not only to Martha.

Carrie, Carrie “you are worried and anxious about many things. Mary has chosen the one thing that is needed, and it will not be taken from her.”

It hit so close to home, it felt as if Jesus were there in the service speaking these words directly to me.
Jesus told me on Sunday that I was worried and anxious though I never thought of myself as a worrier until that day.

The next night, my husband ended up staying up for much of the night concerned because the bed was shaking with little tremors, almost felt like mini earthquakes. We had no idea what it was, and since we live in an old house, we considered a number of factors, but my husband theorized it was me; that I was involuntarily shaking. I thought his theory was ridiculous and we finally gave up the investigation and went to sleep.

The next night, I went to bed earlier than my husband. I felt the mini earthquakes again and realized his theory was correct. I was shaking involuntarily.

sad angelI also realized the Holy Spirit warned me earlier in the week that I was worried and anxious about many things, so it was very easy to determine the reason for physical shaking, as well as what was needed to be rid of it. My body was telling me I needed more sleep, and I needed more peace of mind.

I believe the Lord was revealing to me on Sunday that I desperately need to work on relaxing while trusting, and resting in Christ. I thought I was trusting God, but I now understand I have been carrying much of the burden. Trusting Christ means allowing myself to live peacefully in His grace.

It sounds funny, but I think Jesus was asking me to discipline myself to relax, “for he gives to his beloved sleep.” My teenagers might say that Jesus was telling me to “chillax, cause God’s got my back”.

So, what do you think?