12 Aug

Another Encounter with the Living Word

I am always floored when I consider that our holy and almighty God is intimately involved in my everyday life.  He is so big, He is even in my littleness, condescending to meet even my smallest need, reminding me of His presence at any given moment.

Yesterday my step sister was in the hospital for heart problems.  Though I don’t know my step sister very well (my mom somewhat recently remarried), her condition led me to pray mightily for her that day.

Yesterday evening it seemed Christ was so near while I was praying and recounting my first encounters with faith as a young child, and then as a teen when I first read Scripture.

My mind moved to my step sister, laying in the hospital, and my mother who probably spent the day with her at the hospital, and it seemed to me that the Spirit might have me call my mom and check on how things were going, even though it was 10:30 p.m.

I wanted to quickly read a verse or two from Scripture, because that was my intention when I sat down in the first place.  I opened precisely to Job 5:1 and all I needed was the first half of the sentence to realize that God was confirming the direction to give my mom a call, “Call if you will…”.  Closed my bible and gave my mom a call; we had a very nice chat and I think my mom felt my love.


So, what do you think?